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Welcome to the Natural Resources website. Based in Matlock, in the beautiful Peak District, my aim is to help you find stability in a changing world.

I offer therapy based around hypnotherapy and related techniques, guiding you in an exploration of the many different factors – relationships with people and places, activities, expectations, ways of being and thinking – that influence your wellbeing. Some of these you will share with others; others will be distinctively ‘you’. Hypnotherapy sessions can help you to change unwanted behaviour, adapt to challenging situations, see things more clearly, and learn to become more confident and resilient. Nature Hypnosis sessions, which combine elements of hypnosis and ecotherapy, can be both therapeutic and helpful for self-realisation.

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I also provide services specifically for Personal & Professional Development through Workshops & Talks, Consultancy & Research, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events. Whether you are motivated to improve your career prospects, your business, or simply wish to gain new knowledge and new skills for personal interest, I can help you to boost your confidence and achieve your full potential.

I am a qualified hypnotherapist, registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), and combine this with my knowledge and experience from 20+ years of academic research, teaching and practise in psychology, physiology and ecopsychology.

Whatever your needs, please feel free to contact me to discuss your circumstances. I am happy to talk over email, phone or text (contact details are at the bottom of the page). More details on what I offer, including fees and what to expect in a therapy session, can be found by following the links above.

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Finding a balance

The stories we are told, and those we tell ourselves, have a profound effect on how we feel and how we give meaning to what happens to us. The media is a good example of this: bad news sells more papers. As a result, we think that this is representative of what is actually happening in the world and then interpret everything in those terms. Unpleasant experiences are seen as typical, pleasant ones as unusual. How often have you thought to yourself "This won't end well - that's just how things are'? Our brains excel at seeing patterns, at making generalisations. This is a very useful, very powerful talent. But to do it well, we need to make sure that the raw material -- facts, figures, opinions, basic information about the world -- is representative and accurate. So when everything appears gloomy, seek out the positives. Find a balanced view. Putting the negative stuff in proportion, giving it a context, might be one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself.  [Link]

New name and new website!

I've rebranded and expanded! 'Restorative therapy' has become 'Natural Resources'. The therapeutic side is still there, with the main focus still on wellbeing (both hypnotherapy and mindscape sessions), but there's now more on the personal and professional development aspects as well. News and events will be published on social media as well as the website as they happen. The old email and website will redirect for a while so don't worry if you get the address confused - it'll still get to me! [Link]